Types of Mobile Phone Applications

In this era and recent times, there have been increased use of mobile phones. This can be attributed to the advancements in technology thus resulting to the introduction of smart phones that require detailed application that are of great help to the users. Currently, there are a number of hand-held gadget’s platforms and in all the platforms, there are hundreds of applications that are aimed at enhancing the lives of the uses of these devices. Recent trends reveal spy applications that help parents to keep track of their children through the mobile phone. Thus, a phone app such as spy era is the result of the increased knowledge on programming as well as the increased channels through which sales of these apps can be achieved and a wide ready market from the entire world.

In general, there are three broad categories of mobile applications. These are based on how they operate. They include the following;

Native application

These are the applications that reside on the gadget entirely, and they operate from the device. They are generally accessed using icons usually from the home screen of the majority of the mobile platforms. In the recent times, there is an increased installation of these types of applications and in the majority of the devices, they come pre-installed for the basic functionality such as camera, voice recorder, calculator, radio, image and document viewer and the like. These apps are available from the apps’ stores for the various vendors and platforms and are designed specially to enhance the inbuilt features such as the g sensors, compass as well as GPS.

The presence of these apps together with the gadgets has made life considerably easy and there is no need to carry along several devices to do the different roles as with your smart phone, it could act as a camera, compass, GPS locator calculator and many more depending on the features present, and the apps installed. Therefore, it is important to install the very best of these applications so that the functionality of these devices can be stretched to the beneficial maximum to the advantage of the user. These programs have also proven to be a lucrative business both for the programmers as well as the people in charge of selling them. Basically, these types of apps can make use of the notification systems of the device as well as work offline which is a major benefit.

Mobile web apps

Essentially, they are not real apps as they do not reside in the device but rather on servers. As a matter of fact, they are specially made websites that are made with a feeling of a native app. To access them, one needs an Internet connection and then move to a specific URL where the web page resides. While one is in this type of an application and with a good Internet connectivity, one can be able to access all the functionality of the app as if it resided on the device.

This approach is gaining popularity in the present times owing to the increased uptake of gadgets that are highly powered as well as the access of the Internet that is affordable and at the same time high level of usage of web-based services. These apps are written typically in the HTML5 markup language and thus are relatively light weight. Though they are on the web, the user can make shortcuts on the device that will enable a quick access to the app. Since there are more and more sites on the web that use the HTML5 platform to encourage the access of mobile devices, the line between these website and web app is really thin, and in the most of the time it overlaps.

Hybrid app

These are a combination of the two major types of apps. They bring together the native and web apps. In this kind of setting, these apps reside on the device, though they have an access to the web where they can have additional functionality. With these types of apps, the user is also able to use the various features that are built into the gadget as well as enjoy some additional updated functionality on the web. The use of these types of apps is very common, especially in the field of mobile communication such as web browsers and messengers. These apps in some cases may be confused for web-based apps due to the closed association, but they are actually different.

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