Mobile Phone Apps for Android Devices

People who are using android devices are pretty fortunate because most of the mobile phone apps for android are completely free. The only thing you will need to do is to go through some reviews, download a desired mobile phone app and install it on your device. After that, you will be able to enjoy different apps. Some of interesting mobile apps are:

Mspy – This is a phone spy app that monitors another phone by receiving messages that are sent a phone better known as the target phone. As seen from the mspy app reviews, this application has a high rating among reviews.

GoLauncherEX – You can very easily completely change the entire interface on your mobile phone. The program gives you a lot of options, so you can setup everything just the way you want to. With this mobile app, you have an opportunity to show your creativity. If you are not too creative, the program will help with the arrangement of the interface.

Topspy – Even though this is relatively new, as evident from the reviews of topspy app, it has been able to win the hearts of many who seek to find out about employees or spouse without them knowing.

Viber – For quite some time now, Viber has been one of the most popular android apps. You can send messages to your friends if they are using Viber too. It is designed for calls, sending videos and images. It is very fun and simple to use.

Mobistealth – This app is similar to some of the ones that have already been mentioned. Unlike the others, however, the name says it all. The mobistealth app reviews will give you all the relevant info.

QuickPic – If you want to organize, edit and share your photos, you will love this really simple to use android app. During the first app run, program will scan your entire phone and it will find all images in it. You can easily hide all the folders you like, and enjoy in nicely organized photos. The greatest thing about this application is that it is very small.

Janetter – For twitter persons, this is one of the most interesting applications. We do live in time of social networks, and every network is really fun on its own way. If you are a twitter fan, you will love this app. It is rally simple, fast and comes with a lot of different options. One of those options is “filter”. With this option, you can easily filter someone else’s tweets or particular #hashtag.

GO SMS Pro –since the initial and default application for SMS messages is really poor and vast, the best thing you can do immediately and without thinking is to install GO SMS Pro so you can send and receive SMS messages. You can exchange SMS’s with your friends for free if they are using this application too.


The above are just some of the most interesting applications you can download and install. There are thousands of different mobile phone apps, and each one of those is interesting and fun in its own way. You have some suggestions on what to download if you had no clue. The great thing about smart mobile phones is the fact that you can find some new and exciting application to use every day.

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